Hitecsa provides climate control to the Veronicas Market of Murcia

Hitecsa - Hitecsa provides climate control to the Veronicas Market of Murcia

The historical Veronicas Market, situated in one of the main market squares of Murcia, has chosen 8 autonomous air-air units CCVBA/ ECVBA of HITECSA Cool Air, to provide climate control to its facilities.

These autonomous air-air units, of split configuration and vertical construction, are suitable for air-conditioning through ducts of commercial premises. With cooling capacities from 12.5 to 114.3 kW, they are equipped with Scroll compressors and R-410 refrigerant.

Designed to be installed inside the building, they can offer great flexibility of installation, allowing a piping distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit (split configuration) up to a total of 50 m.

The Veronicas Market has chosen Hitecsa air-air autonomous equipment for their high efficiency ratio, their flexibility and their compact dimensions, considering that they had to be installed in a place of difficult access.  The modernist-style Veronicas Market was designed by the architect Pedro Cerdan and built between 1912 and 1916. So, when the market was built, the possibility of installing air-conditioning equipment was not considered yet. Hitecsa units, for their high efficiencies and compact dimensions, can be the ideal solution in the renovation of buildings.

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