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You are in: Products / Liquid Chillers / Air-Water Aquacore

Air-Water Aquacore


Full inverter chiller and heat pump designed for installation in false ceilings, using water as a heat-carrying fluid, thus providing climate control to different areas  without interconnecting them through air ducts nor refrigerant lines.


• Full Inverter chiller/heat pump

• Cooling capacity of 18,8 kW
• Heating capacity of 21,4
 Equipped with inverter compressor, variable speed fan, constant or variable flow water pump
• It can be combined with the chosen composition of fancoil units depending on climate control needs
• Cuadro abatible
• Digital pressure switch as standard 
• Modbus as an option


• Water as a heat-carrying fluid.

• Sustainability: less quantity of refrigerant in the installation.

• High energy efficiency thanks to:

- Constant or variable flow water pump

- Variable speed fan with EC motor

- Inverter compressor

• Maximum flexibility:

Flexible design of the installation with multiple possibilities of connecting fancoils of different sizes and capacities, according to the needs of each premise.

- Direct integration with air-conditioning units  of high  supply/renovation air flow, included when the air supplied to the premise is 100% external.

Maximum comfort thanks to the possibility of working under more moderate temperatures, automatically adjustable to the outdoor temperature.

• Safety: the use of water as an energy fluid allows working at much lower pressure reducing the risk of leaks.

• Smart control: Possibility of regulating the temperature of each area according to the needs requiredPossibility of remote control by IoT.

• Easy installation: the main hydraulic elements are integrated in the central unit and in the fancoils


- Standard control: Mini PGD

- Modbus as standard

- Option: IoT Connect Plus for remote control